Since 1987 our company has been fabricating equipment for the oil, chemical and petrochemical industries. Over of the years we have continuously improved our fabrication techniques and engineering. The Materials range from carbon steel to alloys and stainless steel, from nickel and alloys to special alloys. We can design and fabricate in accordance with codes and standard such as ASME, ANSI, etc. We have experiences to design and fabricate all type of Pressure Vessel such as Gas Scrubber and Separator, Chemical Tank, Pig Launcher and Receiver, Knock Out Drum, Column, Tower, etc.

Our professional team possesses a vast knowledge in the design and manufacture of special tanks such as Storage Tanks and Spherical Tanks.

To support product quality and delivery, our fabrication process completed by plate rolling machine, plate beveilling, positioning, turning roll, Press 2000 Ton, AGW, Gantry Crane and N.C. Flame Cutting.

We has established a quality system in order to manufacture and supply the products that fully satisfy the requirement and regulation. To control the whole production process from the acceptance of order to the delivery of product, our company has established the organization with Quality Assurance / Quality Control department and is completely independent from concerned Production department.

Our typical range of project consists of taking overall responsibility for the design, engineering, fabrication, construction, and painting (from conception to turnover) of storage tanks for the oil production and refinery, the Liqueed Natural Gas (LNG), the Refrigerated Petrochemical Importing Terminal, Spherical Tanks for LPG, ammonic storage tanks for fertilizer production, cement and clinker silos, penstocks and tunnel liners for hydroelectric plants, and cooling water piping for power stations.